Fair Isle

I’ve been knitting more often recently. I realised that my joints are not up to even a little bit of woodworking, so I got a subscription for the gym nearby and I’m doing a rehabilitation[…]

Workbench I

Last Saturday we were in the DYI store, looking for plywood to make a shooting board and sharpening bench hook thing, and instead came home with a ton of wood for the workbench! (the plywood[…]

Oak desk

Last week I bid for a desk on Ebay and “won”. If you see my previous desk you’ll understand why ;P It made my eyes bleed and was clashing with the rest of the living/dining[…]

Dinning table

I’ve started working on the dining table again. I don’t think I ever posted here about it? We started to sand it some months ago, the varnish was quite hard and difficult to sand off.[…]

Vanity and chairs

This one is gonna be picture heavy because I don’t feel like doing cuts, not after the big effort of typing this almost single-handedly :P Thursday, being holiday, I kept myself busy re-polishing the vanity[…]