Click here for big pic, big enough for most desktops. Iris’ iris. I took some great videos of the snails, trying to figure out how to upload these with a good quality.



Here some pics of plants. We went to get some pots, and came back with more plants than intended. Pim selected a big indoors plant, and a smaller one, which is very out of character[…]


Mixing lipsticks

Today I melted some stuff together: Amounts approximate: 1. 1/2 Nivea Rouge Scarlet – 1/2 Bourjois Fuchsia Class (a bit translucent). 2. 3/4 Bourjois Fuchsia Class – 1/4 Kryolan F104 (creamy). 3. 3/5 Bourjois Fuchsia[…]


One that I made up yesterday night, very fruity but not too sweet, so I named it Oberon: 4cl Manzanilla sherry 1.5cl Sloe gin 1.5cl Apricot brandy 1 teaspoon Gold Strike juice of 1/4 lime[…]


I have added more moss I’ve rescued from roof fallout and grown a bit to my… terrarium? vivarium? palidarium? hmh. Where I keep my moss. Terrarium sounds too dry for this place I have to[…]


Fattoush (note to self) Feb. 28th, 2009 at 6:30 AM * 2 lemon cucumbers or 1 English cucumber * 6 scallions * 3/4 lb tomato, chopped * 1/4 lb golden tomato, cut in half *[…]

Spice pots

Today’s quick project was to label our spice pots. I know them by texture and colour (sometimes smell) but Pim gets a bit more confused, and some of the new ones are too similar so[…]