Tristan cardigans

Baby cardigan: Tristan

My first baby pattern is published! I published the newborn size (0-3 months) of this cardigan pattern for free :) another pattern is available with two additional sizes. All in all it covers 0-12 months.[…]


Linoleum cut

I’ve embarked in my latest venture ;P it’s been a while since I tried something new. I have a project for some 50 cards which I wanted to make by hand, my deadline is about[…]

Shower tap

Our bathroom

I haven’t really been posting here. I think I mentioned some time ago that we bought a house in need of full renovation. So that’s been keeping us busy (that and… our full time jobs,[…]

Enamel Workshop

I still have not given up on my plans to record more enamelling videos, perhaps classes. I registered some time ago (and as well! I could not resist, always wanted a .cat…) but I[…]


Fair Isle

I’ve been knitting more often recently. I realised that my joints are not up to even a little bit of woodworking, so I got a subscription for the gym nearby and I’m doing a rehabilitation[…]

Chlamydia trachomatis

Venereal series

I made this small collection in 2012, specifically for the Femme Fatale exhibition at Nova Belgica Art Gallery. My inspiration, in retrospect, I suppose is 19th century posters such as this one by Louis Raemaekers. And much[…]

Skull I

Skull series gallery

Many of my Skull series pieces belong in my Black series as well, but not all… see more process pictures etc by browsing the Skull tag. Wondering if any of these are available to purchase?[…]

Mist II

Mist series gallery

So far the Mist family of finished pieces. Many are still works in progress! See more details under the series’ tag. Wondering if any of these are available to purchase? send me an email at[…]

Skull III (crow skull)

Black Series gallery

  Many of these also belong to the Skull series, for obvious reasons… for more details and some WIP pictures, browse the Black series’ tag. Wondering if any of these are available to purchase? send[…]

Skull XII

More on the Black Series

These were made… some time ago. I can’t find that I posted anywhere but Facebook, for shame. 4 new pieces and progress images: Skull XIII is one of my favourites from the entire series. I’ve kept[…]


Migration 2

Ok, I finally was able to download my liveJournal that I used from 2003 to approx fade out in 2011. After week upon week of trying and a lot of patience I had to start[…]

Mist V

Another commission

This week I found the photo for this commission by a friend: Enamel over copper (transparent enamel over white opalescent enamel and china paint) sterling/fine silver setting and sterling chain. It was actually finished in[…]


Workbench I

Last Saturday we were in the DYI store, looking for plywood to make a shooting board and sharpening bench hook thing, and instead came home with a ton of wood for the workbench! (the plywood[…]


Expos in London

We spent a few days in London, we went to see temporary expos in the British Museum: Celts, in which I have a personal interest and which was most excellent, and the Drawing in silver and gold[…]


My website had been down for a while due to technical issues. I finally decided to nearly start over.My previous website was too complex and difficult to update, and the blog integration didn’t quite deserve[…]