Sewing corner

I have spent the entire day cleaning up and organising my sewing corner (also all the ironing things are there). It had become an incredible sprawling mess in the last year or so, to the[…]


I’m done smallifying! just washed them. Here are almost all my band t-shirts, a few that were clean are not there ;P From front to back: Darkthrone*, Obituary*, Deicide*, Anathema*, Darkthrone, Cathedral*, Paradise Lost*, Katatonia,[…]

Cat videos

Loki in Barcelona, August. Loki giving Mino grief. There is one thing that Mino doesn’t like, and that’s having his tail touched. But Loki cannot resist. Pim playing with Loki.

at the office

Male coworker: *walks in with his trousers caught up into his socks* Several female coworkers: *point and laugh* Me: Hey, I like it. Couple of coworkers: *sarcastic laughter* Me: No, really, I like it, knickerbockers![…]