Àlbers argentats

Today I have finished the enamel for the piece I have been working on, which I have been recording on video. I am now processing more videos to upload, stay tuned. Àlbers argentats (silver poplars).[…]

Latest work

For the last week(end)s I have been working on this: Àlbers argentats (silver poplars). Painted enamel (background), silver foil, burnishable silver and on glaze paints. See more pictures here (you can add this blog here).[…]


A fern gametophyte is growing in my terrarium, right next to the glass. Its been growing a bit the last few days, but it is still very tiny (as it will probably stay). I have[…]

First video

  Process: wetpacking a copper base, first layer. Here I am applying tragacanth gum to the back, wetpacking a gradient of greys, and the first layer of white enamel to the front of a shaped[…]

New website is up!

After many months of preparation, today my new website is finally up and running: Click to visit. Featuring a nice browsing system for the gallery, and a video section that I plan to be updating[…]