Oak desk

Last week I bid for a desk on Ebay and “won”. If you see my previous desk you’ll understand why ;P It made my eyes bleed and was clashing with the rest of the living/dining[…]


See this little guy? I rescued him from the rubbish can at work, twice. I stopped my manager from throwing him away yet another time just last week. And yesterday my coworker that sits next[…]

More t-shirt painting.

I finished two more t-shirts. Little bird on branch. Orchid. The model. I have to let them dry completely, take better pictures (difficult with the little light there is around here for the last week)[…]


I needed some instant gratification. To start something and finish it. Inspired by the poppies I see these days in a train station on my way to work. Hand painted poppies over light green t-shirt.[…]

Dinning table

I’ve started working on the dining table again. I don’t think I ever posted here about it? We started to sand it some months ago, the varnish was quite hard and difficult to sand off.[…]