Singer 301

Today it’s been busy… apart from a lot of family visits, we went to pick up the sewing machine I won on Ebay yesterday. The machine, now I can confirm it is a 15-88 model,[…]


And finally I finished the dining room curtains! I’ve been so lazy about it… I said “I’ll do it next week”… it’s been more than two months. I’m glad it’s finished, the sun is very[…]

Enamel experiments

And this past weekend I made some enamelling experiments I wanted to try for some time: Graphite over enamel. Hardness of the pencil doesn’t seem to have any importance (here: 8B, 4H, 2B) Watercolor over[…]

Brass setting

Yesterday I received a parcel from cissa in the US. That was different kinds of brass wire and sheet, a few copper blanks, and a little of solder (thanks Amanda!) I got a torch last[…]