I did this cloissone today, 3,5 x 2,8 cm, copper thread over copper, transparent and opal enamels, the violet is matte, the yellow center is a “wax drop”, that is, has some rounded volume, you[…]

Pink Iris

3 x 4,5 cm copper cloissoné enamel over copper. Leveled surface. Transparent and opal enamels. More likely to be a pendant. It is not any real species of Iris, but a mix of shapes and[…]

Yet another cloissoné

Today I did this one: 10 x 8cm, copper cloissoné enamel over copper. Transparent, opaque and opal enamels. Some parts of the enamel are matte, others satin and others glossy. Featuring: Cep (Boletus aereus), Rovelló[…]


I just saw a shape out of 1mm copper sheet, this is the first time I sawed in many years, and I didn’t break a single “sawette” =D Must be like riding a bike.

Ginesta, finished

As I said yesterday, here it is the finished piece, with polished threads. The day is very dark and grey, so the lightning wasn’t at all perfect today either, but this will have to do…


I made this one today. 10×10 cm, copper cloissoné enamel over copper. Transparent and opal enamels. The picture is pretty bad because it became night and it is taken with fluorescent artificial light and without[…]

Ceps (Boletus Edulis)

I have been enamelling this 10×10 piece for an exhibition my teacher is organizing in Limoges, which is called “Visions de Catalunya”, so it had to do something to do with Catalonia, but quite freely.[…]