Expos in London


We spent a few days in London, we went to see temporary expos in the British Museum: Celts, in which I have a personal interest and which was most excellent, and the Drawing in silver and gold (metailpoint), this was also amazing to see up close, it is very difficult to reproduce these well, sadly the catalog […]

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My website had been down for a while due to technical issues. I finally decided to nearly start over.My previous website was too complex and difficult to update, and the blog integration didn’t quite deserve that name ;) So I installed a WordPress site, and a theme, and haven’t actually customised it much. I don’t […]

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A friend commissioned this pair of matching pendants for a special occasion. The dragon motif was provided by her. I took a break from working on our new house refurbishment to make this commission and another one I’ll be posting soon. Enamel over copper (transparent enamel over white opalescent enamel and black china paint) sterling […]

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Checking in


I have to admit it is not very clear to me what to write about in this blog right now. Enamel, clearly, and knitting, surely, but… I haven’t been doing much of either lately. Well, I have been knitting a lot, but I haven’t been designing a lot. More on that later.  And I have […]

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